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Teen Gym

These classes are aimed at teenagers of all abilities, from those who want to try something new to those who have enjoyed previous gymnastics training and wish to progress further. The classes are also ideal for those who wish to do Gymnastics as part of their GCSE P.E. The gymnasts are encouraged to work to achieve their own personal goals and are invited to provide the coaches with a list of targets to work towards. These sessions are more gymnast led, with instructors on hand to give advice and assistance. For more details about learning advanced gymnastics in Llantwit Major, please get in touch with us at Vale Gymnastics.

To book your class for gymnastics in Llantwit Major, please get in touch with us at Vale Gymnastics.







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Feeder Squad

The Feeder Squad is perfect for those children that stand out in the recreational classes and have the ability to progress at a quicker rate. Group sizes are much smaller than in normal classes and the sessions will be more focused on learning specific skills. The feeder squad is invitation only and those that excel and stand out in the class may earn a trial in our Elite squad.







Elite Squad

This Elite Squad is dedicated to those children that have shown not only a natural talent for gymnastics but the desire to work hard and push themselves. At this stage training becomes more intense and skills can take much longer to learn. We focus a lot more on stretching as well as strength and conditioning as these are the basis of all skills. If you would like to learn advanced gymnastics in Llantwit Major, please contact us at Vale Gymnastics.






Meet One of the Team

Chloe Sullivan

Chloe started gymnastics at the age of 5 and was quickly identified as being a dedicated and talented gymnast. Chloe was chosen for her club squad and thrived with the more intense training she received. After years of hard work and perfecting her basic skills, Chloe progressed to competition standard and was selected for numerous Welsh and British Gradings. Her career highlight was partaking in an international competition in Orlando, Florida.

After finishing gymnastics, Chloe decided to pass on her love for the sport to others and began volunteering as a coach at her local club. Chloe started working at Vale Gymnastics in 2018 and very quickly became a valued member of the team. It was obvious that her love for gymnastics combined with the experience she had gained from her previous volunteer work gave her a wonderful understanding of how to pass on her gymnastics knowledge to the younger generation. Chloe has already completed her Level 1 gymnastics coaching qualification and is an excellent role model to future gymnasts.

“Nathan is awesome! His enthusiasm and passion for getting kids moving and having fun is just infectious. We had our daughters 4th birthday party at the gym and it was FAB. Highly recommend Nathan.”

Alison Jennings

To book your class for gymnastics in Llantwit Major, please get in touch with us at Vale Gymnastics.

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